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Private Label Partnerships


Private label refers to Spicin Foods manufacturing a product of its own formulation, and packaging it under the customer’s label. In some cases, Spicin Foods may develop a private label formula exclusively for a customer. In either case, under a private label agreement, Spicin Foods retains ownership of the formula.

Spicin Foods’ modern test kitchen is located in its corporate headquarters in Kansas City, KS. Spicin Foods employs a full-time Chef and Product Development Coordinator to work with clients to create just the right flavor, viscosity, and appearance desired. The team works with food scientists at Kansas State University to conduct all necessary product testing, including shelf-life testing and nutritional analysis. Once the recipe is perfected in the test kitchen, the Spicin Foods team will send the product to production on the main floor.

Private label step by step

  1. Customer selects product formulation from available categories: salsa, bbq sauce, hot sauce, wing sauce, marinades, bbq rubs, dips, condiments, dressings, pasta sauces
  2. Customer approves product formulation
  3. Nutritional analysis/label development/printing
  4. Batch produced in plant

Our private label partners can choose from our award-winning Micro-Batch sauces and condiments. The Micro-Batch™ process is a manner of food manufacturing that allows a product to be kettle-cooked in small batches with an emphasis on quality and flavor. Spicin Foods is a leader in the small batch sauce production industry. It has trademarked the Micro-Batch™ process and is committed to producing “big flavor in small batches” for our local, national, and international private label partners.