Co-Pack Partnerships


Co-pack refers to a customer’s proprietary formulation, which Spicin Food produces under a contractual agreement. The customer retains all rights to and ownership of the proprietary formula. In fact, as described below, Spicin Foods signs a non-disclosure agreement forbidding it to produce or share the customer’s formulation without prior approval.

The process usually begins in the test kitchen. Within its corporate headquarters, Spicin Foods’ modern test kitchen is a “plant within a plant.” Spicin Foods employs a full-time chef and Product Development Coordinator to work with clients to create just the right flavor, viscosity, and appearance desired. The team works with food scientists at Kansas State University to conduct all necessary product testing, including shelf-life testing and nutritional analysis. Once they succeed in the test kitchen, the Spicin Foods team will “ramp up” production to the main production floor.

Co-pack step by step

  1. Non-disclosure agreement
  2. Customer shares product formulation
  3. Small batch produced in test kitchen (repeated until product matches control)
  4. Nutritional analysis/label development/printing
  5. 68 gallon batch "plant trial" produced in plant
  6. 204 gallon batch produced in plant (required minimum for all subsequent batches)

*co-pack manual available for more detailed explanation

Why choose us as your co-packing partner?

Quality, cleanliness, and accuracy are the cornerstones of your co-packing/private label experience at Spicin Foods. We think beyond basic ingredients and standard packaging. We develop products that are proven winners in categories saturated with competition. Above all else, we encourage you to be part of every aspect of the manufacturing process. We offer the foundation for you to make your product successful in the marketplace.

Quality starts with both local and regional sources for our ingredients. We use fresh produce, artisan spices and flavorful products to build a winning flavor profile. The intensity of our flavors comes from the culinary expertise of our on-site chef and food scientist. Our test kitchen team is dedicated to developing innovative flavor combinations and creating unique products that keep Spicin Foods at the forefront of the food industry. Our product development team is the perfect combination of knowledge, creativity, and food science.

Cleanliness is paramount in our 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility. When you walk onto our manufacturing floor, the crisp paint and a sterile atmosphere make you feel confident we are handling your product with care. With kettles ranging from 204 to 500 gallons, we go above and beyond FDA regulations to ensure proper food handling techniques for your product. We are a BRC and FDA audited plant.

Accuracy plays a key role in how a product is made and replicated. We take the “team” approach when it comes to manufacturing a product. We create your first test batch together in our kitchen and work side by side when your product is ready to move to the manufacturing floor. You sign off on every step in the process; it’s crucial that we work together as we are only as successful as our customers.

Mixing these components together, along with a team of experienced food industry professionals, we’ve created a company that can meet all your co-pack/private label needs. Spicin Foods is a versatile and experienced food manufacturer. Over the past two decades, we have developed a system that works. We have the expertise to guide customers through the entire process, including product development, package design, manufacturing and distribution process to maximize the profitability and probability of success. Spicin Foods’ talented team will partner with your company’s leadership to help you achieve your goals.