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Spicin Foods co-packing services provide your growing business or established brand with a trusted partner to produce your sauce. We want to offer the best solution possible and ensure we are the right partner for you.

Currently Accepting Applications For New Partners.

  1. Complete New Partner Inquiry. Tell us about your product.
  2. Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  3. Product Development and certify your process.
  4. Nutritional Analysis and finalize label for printing.
  5. Finalize your contract, and schedule for Production!

Step 1 New Partner Inquiry

Here at Spicin Foods, we want to offer the best partnership and service we can. The more details you provide, gives us the opportunity to provide the solutions you need. The first step is to complete the New Partner Inquiry questions below.

We will be in touch with you within 10 business days after receipt of your completed questionnaire.

Step 2 Mutual Non-Disclosure

After completing the inquiry questions for your production needs, and your product expectations fit into our business model, we will send a Non-Disclosure Agreement. The NDA protects the confidentiality of your recipe as you further discuss your partnership with Spicin Foods.

Step 3 Product Development & Process Certification

Once the Mutual NDA is executed, we will schedule a meeting to discuss your product and vision in more detail. After we determine we could be right for you, we will create your first test batch together. You will work side by side with our Chef and Food Scientist to build your formula using fresh ingredients to create just the right flavor, viscosity, and appearance. You sign off on every step in the process. We repeat the process until your product matches control.

Step 4 Nutritional Analysis & Label

Our team conducts all necessary product testing, including shelf-life testing and nutritional analysis. Your label will be built and design finalized for a scheduled test production run. We will identify your costs, and execute a partnership contract with a certified process.

Step 5 Time to Co-Pack your Sauce!

Finalize your contract with annual volume, shipments, and the dates scheduled for Production!

Additional Q&A

How much does Spicin Foods charge?

Each of our partnerships are unique and our prices reflect the appropriate costs for specific needs. Considerations such as production requirements, ingredient preparation, container specifications, labeling request, and batch size are some of the factors that determine your final cost. We will be able to determine cost once your manufacturing process, ingredients and materials are identified.

How long will it take for my sauce to be produced?

There are many factors involved in bringing your product to market. Sourcing ingredients and materials, analytic testing, test batch production, and more will impact the timeline to go from recipe to delivery. We are happy to talk with you about the full process and timeline once we have determined we are the right partner for you.

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