1. Kansas don’t know how to do no hot wings" Shaq tries Da'Bomb on Hot Ones

    Shaquille O’Neal appeared on First We Feast’s Hot Ones web series this week. Guests on Hot Ones are interviewed by the host as they eat progressively hotter hot wings.
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  2. New Award-Winning Pain is Good HOT BBQ Sauces

    Spicin Foods has been in the sauce business for two decades and produces over 900 different barbecue sauces and 750 hot sauces. Our new Pain is Good spicy barbecue sauces combine delicious barbecue sauce and the world’s hottest peppers. There are three new hot barbecue sauces: Ghost Pepper BBQ Sauce, Carolina Reaper BBQ Sauce, and Trinidad Scorpion BBQ Sauce.
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